Spec. Aşkın NASIRCILAR, Md.

Spec. Aşkın NASIRCILAR, Md.

Interventional Physiotherapy, Interventional Physiotherapy and Regenerative Medicine Specialist
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Aşkın Nasırcılar was born in Antalya in 1979. He gained right to study at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine in the university admission exam in 1997, at the end of same period, he was diagnosed with inflammatory rheumatic Ankylosing Spondylitis when he was 19 years old.

He put up a good fight with this disease affected his life in a bad way due to a constant pain and difficulty in walking during his school years.

Due to his disease, he aimed to become a specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Aşkın Nasırcılar, who sought for a cure for his rheumatic disease throughout his faculty of medicine and specialty training, began to have the treatment whichever was told to be good applied on himself and learned like every helpless patient.

He had holistic treatment methods applied on himself such as Cellular Therapies, Prolotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Mesotherapy, Neural Therapy, Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Phytotherapy (treatment with plants or plant components), Homeopathy, Cupping Therapy, Detox, Chelation, Biophoton, Energy-Frequency Treatments and Microbiological treatments and investigated which methods were really effective.

He has learnt about regenerative or in other words, "restorative" medicine, and observed its effects. Spec. Aşkın Nasırcılar, MD is one of the most experienced clinical physicians in Turkey in this sense.

Apart from being a specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Aşkın Nasırcılar is a Phytotherapy Specialist, Prolotherapy Specialist, Mesotherapy Specialist, Ozone Therapy Specialist and a Cupping Therapy Specialist approved by the Ministry of Health.


  1. Sağlık Bakanlığı Onaylı Proloterapi Sertifikası
  2. Sağlık Bakanlığı Onaylı Fitoterapi Sertifikası
  3. Sağlık Bakanlığı Onaylı Ozon Uygulama Sertifikası
  4. Sağlık Bakanlığı Onaylı Mezoterapi Sertifikası
  5. Sağlık Bakanlığı Onaylı Kupa Uygulama Sertifikası
  6. İV Vitamin C, Zerdeçal ve İntegratif Tedaviler Belgesi (Tübitak-Martek)
  7. Ozonterapi Kursu (19-20/01/2013)
  8. Ozon Kursu (23.Ulusal FTR Kongresi 11-15 Mayıs 2011)
  9. Medikal Ozon Oksijen Derneği Mezuniyet Sonrası Eğitim (23-24/02/2013)
  10. Hipertermi, Zerdaçal, Vitamin C, Şelasyon i.v Tedaviler Sertifikası (12-14/12/2016, Almanya, Bochum)
  11. Kinezyotaping Kursu ( 30-31/07/2011)
  12. Mezoterapi Sertifikası (21. Ulusal FTR Kongresi 25-29 Ekim 2007)
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  14. Manuel Terapi B:II Sertifikası (Bilimsel Tamamlayıcı Tıp Derneği, 06-08/07/2012)
  15. Manuel Terapi C:III Sertifikası (Bilimsel Tamamlayıcı Tıp Derneği, 09-11/06/2012)
  16. Proloterapi Sertifikası (Proloterapi Derneği, Denizli)
  17. Girişimsel Ultrason & Lumbosakral Enjeksiyonlar Kursu (18/02/2017)
  18. Temel Kas İskelet Sistemi Ultrasonografi Kursu (17/02/2017)
  19. Hacamat (Kupa Terapisi) Eğitimi (Üsküdar Üniversitesi, 2015)
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Almanca: Orta Seviye (Antalya Koleji-Akdeniz Koleji)

Rusça: Başlangıç Seviye (Özel Ders-İNESMEK)

1. Romatizma Araştırma ve Savaş Derneği

2. Tabipler Odası

3. Huneke’ ye göre Bilimsel Nöral Terapi ve Regülasyon Derneği (BNR)

4. Bilimsel Tamamlayıcı Tıp ve Regülasyon Derneği (BTR)

5. Manuel Terapi Derneği (MTD)

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Why you need to choose Spec. Aşkın Nasırcılar Md. ?

There are so much reasons to choose Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Regenerative Medicine Specialist Dr. Aşkın Nasırcılar...


After graduating from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Aşkın Nasırcılar completed his education at Uludag University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Having worked at various hospitals and affected people’s lives positively, Nasırcılar has contributed a lot in the studies carried out in

Turkey by doing many international studies and translations. Improving treatment methods every passing year and providing his patients to return to their daily life with the studies and applications that he has made in his professional life over 15 years, Nasırcılar is continuing his studies in his private clinic.


Carrying out treatment program planned personally for each patient, Aşkın Nasırcılar pays attention to support his patients psychologically while implementing physical treatment.

Approximately 20 years ago, Nasırcılar had experienced “inflammatory rheumatism”, so he is applying the treatment that he had performed for himself and gotten successful results.

Therefore, due to health problems that he encountered, the successful doctor understands the feelings of the patients who feel fear and anxiety against operation and treatments, and he continues to illuminate the patients who lose their hope bu saying “You have choices”.


Being an active member of many professional association and one of the doctors having the most clinical experience in Turkey, Spec. Dr. Aşkın Nasırcılar listens stories of the patients very carefully and is a good companion in this process.

Nasırcılar treats health problems of the patients, with different ages, genders and cultures and coming from all over Turkey, especially with “regenerative medicine”.

Saying “He is one of the doctors who value the health” referring to the health problems he had experienced, Nasırcılar will be so happy to meet with you in his clinic...


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